A building in Bottineau Park, under a dark blue overlay

Board of Directors

The BNA Board meets monthly on the second Tuesday, at 7:00pm via Zoom. See our application page for information about joining the board.

Our current board members are:

  • Mariam Slayhi, President  (2  year term 2023-2023, 2nd term)
  • Tim Kremer, Director (2  year term 2022-2024, 1st term)
  • Sharmarke Elmi, Director, (2 year term, 2022-2024, 1st term)
  • Diane Afrooz, Director (2 year term, 2022-2024, 1st term)
  • Micah Alton, Director (2 year term, 2022-2024, 1st term)
  • Alonzo Parks, Director (2 year term, 2023 – 2025, 1st term)
  • Luke Neibauer, Director (2 year term, 2023 – 2025, 1st term)

Please join your very own Bottineau Neighborhood Association Board. We meet once a month (currently we meet on the 2nd Tuesday but we are evaluating if another day/time would help with engagement).

To qualify to be on the Board, you must be one or more of the following:

  • resident of Bottineau Neighborhood (own or rent), OR
  • a business owner or land owner in Bottineau, OR
  • an employee of a business in Bottineau.

Our community deserves to the advocacy you can bring! We need your ideas on community events for us to host, city involvement, grants, murals, etc.

! Let’s work together to make sure that we are active in the city decisions affecting our community!

BNA neighborhood clean-up volunteers and board members, April 2018