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February @ 2PAC

The 2nd Precinct Advisory Council (2PAC) wants YOU!

The 2nd Precinct Advisory Council meetings are for everyone who cares about the safety and security issues we all must handle.  You can join 2PAC if you are a resident, business owner, or other stakeholder in Minneapolis’s 2nd Precinct.  They welcome your participation and support.

Don’t know if you’re in the 2nd Precinct? It’s pretty much all of Northeast Minneapolis, i.e.“The 2nd Precinct’s service area is bounded by the Mississippi River on the west and south, 37th Avenue NE on the north, and the cities of St. Anthony and St. Paul on the east.”

This month the meeting will be held at 6 PM on February 9 at Monroe Village Apartments (1900 Central Avenue NE).  There is plenty of on-street parking close to the front door.

Here is what they have to say:

February is Heart Health month!

February is all about loving and living, and the basis of all that is good living is keeping our hearts healthy.  Our guest speaker—Ross Chavez, a practicing paramedic for Hennepin EMS and a former Hennepin EMS Paramedic Supervisor—will give us plenty of information about keeping our hearts healthy.  He also wants us to understand what happens when things go wrong and how HCEMS will help get things back to ‘right’.

What do you do when things “don’t feel right’?  What do you do when a friend ‘doesn’t look right?’ When is it time to dial 911?  What if your friend “doesn’t want a fuss”? What happens then?

After Ross reminds of about what we can do to stay heart healthy, he will talk about when and how to access the 911 emergency medical services system when your heart isn’t so healthy.  He will let us know how EMS services work for us.  What happens when they come to the door and what does it mean?  What happens next?  Ross will also demonstrate some of the equipment that Hennepin EMS uses to diagnose and stabilize their patients.

Besides their guest speaker, 2PAC also features Court Watch. Starting at approximately 7PM on the night of the meeting, “Court Watch is your chance to watch the judges and let them know about sentencing decisions involving  East Side crime.  If you don’t like revolving door sentences or want to urge treatment over jail, this is the place to make your opinion heard.”