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Send Us Your GAF Impact Statements

From the Marshall Terrace Minutes monthly newsletter:

Residents of the Marshall Terrace and Bottineau neighborhoods have formed a task force in an effort to ensure that the odor/fume issue caused by GAF Materials Corp. at 50 Lowry Ave. N. resolves quickly and thoroughly. GAF is committing $500k towards a solution and this task force will monitor the progress of this resolution through its completion.

Minneapolis 311 has been inundated with calls from all over Northeast Minneapolis this year about the odor issue. Residents have reported a wide range of effects including sore throats, irritated eyes, nausea, and the need to stay inside with doors and windows shut.

We are collecting examples of these stories in the form of Impact Statements; we’re asking you to share with us how the odor/fumes from GAF have affected your household’s quality of life. Your Impact Statement can be as short or long as you’d like, and can include:

  • Incidents in which the fumes negatively impacted your life or your family’s life
  • Acute/chronic health effects that are caused by the fumes to you and your family
  • Acute/chronic emotional effects that are caused by the fumes to you and your family

Please also be sure to include your address or the nearest intersection at which the fumes are experienced by you.

Impact Statements can be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to CCMT, P.O. Box 18180, Minneapolis, MN 55418. You can also submit a form through our homepage at www.marshallterrace.org. All submissions will be kept anonymous.

NOTE: The next Air Quality Taskforce strategy meeting will held be at 6:30pm on Monday, November 24, at River Village Community Room (29th & Randolph). If you are concerned about this issue, join us!